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Hello and welcome to the Withycombe Site. This web site is primarily about music and me, Andrew Withycombe. Below is a discography that I have compiled of all the records and CDs that I have played on. It is not meant to be an ego trip or about pumping up my own tyres, but rather just a way of providing information, and helping to fill in the gaps for anyone who is interested in the bands that I have played in.

Nonetheless, even if it is a bit of self-produced backslapping, it is also a tribute to the people who have either played music with me or released my records over the years - sometimes both. I wont get all gushy or mention their names here. If you read the discography you'll see their names continually popping up. Thanks guys and girls.

This discography is in alphabetical order because I thought it was the easiest way to do it. It was easier than trying to do it in order of what I did on a record or when it was released. I'm really bad when it comes to remembering what year some records came out so I have only put dates after the ones I know. You will also notice that there are links to full discographies for the bands that I have been a long term member of because their discographies are too extensive to list here.

I haven't added any other links because it is just as easy to type into a search engine a band name, song title or record label if you want to follow up on something. Moreover, keeping links up to date is a pain sometimes, especially when I don't update my own site that often. One site I do want to mention though is the Aus Music Scrapbook because it offers a good introduction and lots of links to Australian music.


Andrew Withycombe Discography 1993-2006

Andrew Withycombe
'Far Away Look' on Library Records 1998-2003 Compilation CD (Library) Shhh 25 Australia
This excellent double CD compilation compiles released and unreleased songs from a whole host of Library records' artists. Far Away Look is the first song that I've ever released under my name instead of hiding behind a band name. But I couldn't have done it without Bart Cummings on lead guitar, Mia Schoen on organ and David Nichols on drums. I wrote this song with David.

Anstey Station
'Inevitable Plastic 45s' on Tonalism Compilation CD (Pehr) Pehr 014 USA
This is a great chill out album. Inevitable Plastic 45s is me doing some tape manipulation.

The Ampersands
Postcards 7" (Harriet) Harriet 021 USA 1993
Annabel Bleach 7" (Harriet) Harriet 034 USA 1995
Dart 7" EP (Meller Welle) MEL 24 Germany
'My Favourite Jumper' on The Long Secret Compilation CD (Harriet) Spy 3 USA 1995
'Postcards' on CMJ New Music February Compilation CD (CMJ) no.7 USA 1994
This was the band I played in before I got my big break with the Cat's Miaow. As they say, the rest is history.

Bart and Friends
10 Songs About Girls and Cars CD (Drive In) Drive 24 USA
I Was Lonely Until I met You CD (Library) Shhh 17 Australia
How Can I Tell You 7" (Clover) Clover 713 Japan
Bart's solo thing with a little help from his friends. I play some bass and do most of the recording.

Wyona 7" (Yo Yo Recordings)USA
Blairmailer was David Nichols and Michael Nichols with whoever was hanging about at the time. They released a couple of cassettes on Toytown and an album called Home of the Falcon on IMP in the USA. This four song EP was recorded during Blairmailer's brief 1994 North American tour. I play bass on two of the songs. David, Michael and Bart did the rest.

The Cat's Miaow

Driving Past

Fog and Ocean
S/T CD (555/ Red Square) 555CD41/ RSQ 020 USA
Fog and Ocean has been described as a lachrymosely twee super group with an electro-clash sound. This album features Kelly Sutherland, David Nichols, Jen Turrell, Stewart Anderson, Greg Wadley and me.

Grey Tapes
S/T CD (555) 555CD60
This is David Nichols' solo album. The 555 website describes it as taking a late 70's DIY artpunk approach - think Swell Maps, Lilliput, etc. - and topped off with David's trademark somnambulant vocal and frenetic drumming. It features all the usual suspects from such bands as Huon, Boyracer, Flywheel and New Waver. I did the recording and play guitar on one song.

Hanshalf Trio
Cilla Black's Farewell to the Nineties 7" (Little Teddy) LiTe 705 Germany 1993
The Hanshalf Trio was Michael Nichols' band. They released a couple of tapes on the Toytown cassette label. When Andy from Little Teddy offered to put out a record, Michael asked Bart and me to help out. This is still one of my favourite releases, and a very special one because it is the first record I ever "produced".



Pip Proud
One of these Days CD (Emperor Jones) ej21cd USA
A Yellow Flower CD (Emperor Jones) ej37cd USA
Pip Proud has been described as a long forgotten musical poet from the 1960s. David Nichols was involved in getting some of Pip's work re-released, as well as recording some new music. That's how I came to play on two of Pip's albums. On One of these Days I play bass on two songs and on A Yellow Flower I play bass on one song. David plays drums on these songs.

Possum Moods
S/T CD (Red Square) RSQ 24 USA 2003
One night Mia Schoen and Jen Turrell decided to make a record while Jen was on tour and in Melbourne. This album is like a scrapbook of ideas, musings and relaxed tunes. But if you like Mia's and Jen's other work then you should like it. It also features Stewart Anderson. I helped out on the recording and play bass on one song.

'Halo' on Going Against Maz's Advice Compilation CD (Four Letter Words) FLW 014 USA
'A Night to Remember' on Blackbean Compilation #2 (Blackbean) USA 1995
Split 7" with Timonium (Pehr/ Burnt Hair) Pehr 5/ Singe 021 USA
Starstreamer was my first solo band. On Halo and the two songs on split 7" I sing and play all the instruments. And just for all you trainspotters out there, the line up for the song on the Blackbean compilation is the Cat's Miaow in disguise. Pretty sneaky!

Super Falling Star
Searchlight 7" (Drive In) Drive 15 USA
Split 7" with Fuxa (Drive In) Drive 18 USA
Dead letters 7" (Roisin Recordings) Roisin 05 UK
Super Falling Star was centred around Melbourne indie rock luminary Ian Finlay. I'm saying was because I think they've called it a day. I play bass on all these records except for the b-side of the Searchlight 7" (and of course Fuxa's side of the split 7").