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Made in Australia

Hydroplane is from Melbourne Australia. The band's first record was supposed to be a one off release; a hit single by a mysterious group that would then disappear forever. However, with a title like "Excerpts from forthcoming LP" what better than follow it up with an LP. It was the release of the "We crossed the Atlantic" 7" single on the Wurlitzer Jukebox label in 1997 that seemed to raise the bands profile, even if only slightly, getting some great reviews and radio air play. John Peel played tracks from the album and single on BBC Radio 1 throughout the year and "We crossed the Atlantic" was number 13 on his 1997 Festive 30. Early 1998 saw the release of a 4 song 12" EP in the USA and singles in the UK and Spain, some great reviews and airplay. In October 1999 Hydroplane released their second album "Hope against hope". The third Hydroplane album "The Sound of Changing Places" was released in August 2001. Again on the world famous Drive-in Records.

Previous bands are not worth mentioning because none of them sound like Hydroplane but it is worth noting that most of the band have played together as the Cat's Miaow since 1992.

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Excerpts from forthcoming LP 7" (Drive-in) Drive05 USA 1996
1.Excerpts from forthcoming LP.
*This was a collage of songs and sound on a one sided record.

We crossed the Atlantic 7" (Wurlitzer Jukebox) WJ3 UK 1997
1.We crossed the Atlantic
2.Please don't say goodbye / Hey Joe

The love you bring 12" EP (Drive-in) Drive22 USA 1998
1.The love you bring
2.Oregon snow / Can't you hear the beat of a broken heart / Questions I can't answer

When I was Howard Hughes 7" (Bad Jazz) Bebop5 UK 1998
1.When I was Howard Hughes
2.If you spoke to me, I wouldn't know what to say

Failed Adventure 7" (Elefant) ER-197 Spain 1998
1.Failed adventure
2.Now you know everything there is to know

International exiles 7" (Liquefaction Empire) Duske 16 UK 2000
1.International exiles
2.Bike wheel on a chair / Blackout

Radios appear 7" (Little Prints) USA 2000
1.Radios appear
2.Embassy cafe / Cherry lake

Full Length Releases

Hydroplane CD cover

Hydroplane s/t CD (Drive-in) Drive09 USA 1997
Wurlitzer Jukebox
Piano movement with percussion
Song for the meek
I hear a new world
New monotonic fm
House warming
14th july
Beloved invader
New monotonic fm (acoustic)
Send in the clowns
Completed extract from the previous 7"

Hope against hope CD cover

Hope against hope CD (Drive-in) Drive33 USA
CD/LP (Bad Jazz) Bebop11 UK 1999

Grand Central
Summer without sun
How can you tell me
With someone like you
Station to station
Don't you know
Too far out
Something I've got to tell you

The Sound of Changing Places CD cover

The Sound of Changing Places CD (Drive-in) Drive51 USA 2001
Farmer's boys flexi disc
Bouncing ball
Closing in
International exiles
Kangaroo and map
Tap dance routine
Shy quiet type
Mauve xylophone
Embassy cafe
Cry my heart
World without you

Also contains a video of 'Little star shine on us tonight'.

Compilation appearances

Little Darla has a treat for you Vol.7 CD (Darla) DRL 040 USA 1997
Wurlitzer Jukebox
*Same version as on the self titled album.

Losing Today Vol.1 CD (Losing Today) Italy 1998
Not to bother me
*This CD came free with the second edition of the Losing Today magazine.

Little Darla has a treat for you Vol.10 CD (Darla) DRL 070 USA 1998
Questions I can't answer
*This is an alternate recording of one of the b-side songs on the 12" EP and exclusive to this release.

Slack Babbath Cassette (Woozy) Australia 1999
Never say die
*This is a 20 song Black Sabbath Tribute Compilation tape given away at a benefit gig for Awareness League (Nigeria), A.B.C and I.W.W. The song is exclusive to this release.

Indie Aid Abroad-A Little Help for East Timor CD (Drive-in/Library)
Drive 42/Shhh 10 USA/Australia 2000

Grand Central (remix)
World without you
*This is a 22 song compilation to raise funds to help the people of East Timor. World without you is the original 'big beat' version. Both songs are exclusive to this release.

Darla 100/ 1994-2000 CD (Darla) DRL 100 USA 2000
Questions I can't answer
*This is a 4 CD set celebrating the 100th release on Darla records, compiling singles and exclusive tracks from previous Darla compilations. This song is the same version that originally appeared on Little Darla Volume 10 and remains exclusive to both compilations.

Yr Agog CD (Oggum) OG 10 UK 2000
Min min light
*This is a 12 band compilation with profits going to aid charities for the homeless in Wales. The song is exclusive to this release.

Lunch with a bouncing space vol. 2 (a bouncing space) abs007 USA 2001
New World of Sound
*The song is exclusive to this release.

A View of Our Dreams (On a Balcony) OaBCD001 Yugoslavia 2002
City Terminus
*The song is exclusive to this release.

555CD55 fiftyfive band compilation (555 Recordings of Flagstaff Arizona) 555CD55 USA 2003
Museum Station
*The is an exclusive mix and edit of Museum Station which will be on the next Hydroplane album due out with a bit of luck around about 2006.

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