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Driving Past in Tasmania

Driving Past

Driving Past formed essentially in early 1996 when Gig Ryan and David Nichols began playing music together. The two are both originally from Melbourne but met in Sydney in the 80s when Gig was a member of Disband (one LP, Six Good-byes, on Big Home Productions 1988) and David was a member of The Cannanes (numerous albums etc.). Guitarist/singer and drummer were joined by temporary bass player Laura McFarlane (Ninety-nine, Sea Hags), who was always a temp because she was heading overseas with Dragster, then David's brother Michael ( Hanshalf Trio, Crabstick, Blairmailer, Ruff Buff, Panel of judges),who was also a temp because he too, was going overseas. Finally acquiring a permanent bass player in Andrew Withycombe (of The Cat's Miaow, Hydroplane) and adding a fourth member - additional guitar and keyboards - in Mia Schoen (Molasses, Sleepy Township, Long Weekend).

As well as writing songs, singing and playing guitar with the band, Gig is a well-known poet with four well-received books published, the most recent being Pure and Applied (1998). She is also poetry editor of the Melbourne Age.

Andrew, as songwriter and key member of Hydroplane, has numerous internationally successful records to his credit; the group is highly regarded around the world and regularly receives airplay on the BBC. Mia, as well as writing songs and playing in Sleepy Township, is the drummer in Long Weekend, and a successful visual artist who regularly exhibits in Melbourne. She designed the album cover. David is a historian and the author of the book The Go-Betweens (Allen and Unwin, 1997), a study of the famous Brisbane group. Andrew, Mia and David also record under the name Huon.

The group have been playing around Melbourne in this incarnation for a number of years now. They have appeared alongside like-minded international artists of the calibre of Alastair Galbraith and interstate successes like The Frustrations and Flywheel.

Driving Past can be contacted via Jacana Records PO Box 2116 Gladstone Park Vic 3043 Australia
Real Estate CD cover



Church Fete 7" (Chapter Music) Australia 1998
1.Church Fete
2.Drive By Impulse.

Truth against the world 7" (555 Recordings) 55511 UK 1998
An Australian pop compilation single. The other bands on this record are Sleepy Township, Long Weekend, Crabstick, The Frustrations, New Waver and Pip Proud.

Full Length Releases

Real Estate CD (Chapter Music) Australia 1999
Drive out of Melbourne
Blue sky red mood
Fucking restrained
Snow blue cigarette
Lonesome figure
To have and to hold
End of this
Compass and map
Stopping all stations
Favourite weather
Crawling south
Drive by impulse
I am condemned

Travel CD (Jacana Records) Australia 2006
Back to home
Stabat mater
Bitter lemon
Linger and cry
Cypress tree
Two chairs
Get out of bed
No direction
Sit and think
Find a rope

Driving Past live at the Rob Roy Hotel in Fitzroy Driving Past live at the Rob Roy Hotel in Fitzroy on the 8 July 2006.

Compilation appearances

Double Figures: Ten Years of Chapter Music CD (Chapter Music) CH44 Australia 2002
Drive out of Melbourne

Melbourne Water Volume 1 CD (W. Minc Productions) WMINCD 032 Australia 2004
Euros like a Gangster